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VacuPlas – Liquid Waste Management

VacuPlas – Liquid Waste Management

Discreet – Targeted – Qualitative – Permanent

We are excited to announce the availability of our turn-key package system for the management of legacy waste with minimal impact on surrounding activities and the environment. The plant was specifically designed to provide a solution to wastes impacted with per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) but is suitable to treat other Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) effectively and efficiently.

VacuPlas utilises two of our existing technologies combining:

  1. Vacuum distillation for targeted intensification of PFAS, and
  2. Plasma arc destruction for qualitative destruction.

Our Treatment Strategy

VacuPlas utilises vacuum distillation for targeted intensification of PFAS in combination with PyroPlas® Plasma Arc Destruction for qualitative destruction in a 2-stage process:


This qualitative stage ensures that:

  • The stockpile is minimised which greatly reduces the complexity and cost to manage and control
  • The contaminants are intensified and the waste stockpile prepared for best practice destruction


For POPs ratified by the Stockholm Convention, it is very important that the right destruction method is employed to ensure completeness of destruction without impacting the environment. This stage ensures:

  • High destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) (>99.9999%)
  • Full transparency to demonstrate destruction achieved
  • Full process control to ensure no destruction by-products are generated and environmental standards are met.

What Does It Look Like?

The VacuPlas unit is mobile and allows for automated, controlled, continuous and compliant operation which requires minimal operator intervention.

With a footprint of two shipping containers and some auxiliary services, VacuPlas can be mobilised and commissioned quickly for discreet operation within days of installation.

What Can Be Treated?

The plant is designed to treat liquid wastes such as:

  • PFAS concentrates (e.g. aqueous film forming foams (AFFF))
  • PFAS impacted waters
  • Waste waters impacted with pesticides
  • Waste Waters impacted with polychlorinated biphenyls

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