NORM waste treatment

Treatment of Natural Occurring Radioactive Material for safe sub earth disposal

drill cuttings bei vacuum distillation
Drill cutting - NORM
NORM waste treatment plant
Oil from NORM waste after treatment
Oil & hydrocarbons
Water from NORM waste after treatment
NORM waste with radioactive material
Oil free solids (NORM)

Natural Occurring Radioactive Material consists of materials enriched with radioactive elements found in the environment. They are usually brought to the surface by oil and gas exploration or mining. NORM wastes can be treated in a VacuDry® unit in order to prepare it for a safe sub earth disposal.

Benefits of VacuDry® NORM waste plants:

  • Environmentally friendly separation of oil, mercury and water from NORM waste (required for final safe disposal)
  • Separately recovered contaminants by fractional condensation
  • High temperatures and low vacuum ensure a thorough cleaning process
  • Low energy consumption ensured through controlled power requirements
  • Emission and dust-free system; encapsulated treatment of exhaust vapours and solids
Key Facts


Contaminated sludge from natural gas drilling; oil and gas NORM waste from decontamination of pipes, tools and equipment; NORM containing oil lagoons

Input material:

NORM sludge, NORM drill cuttings, other NORM waste

Output material:

Water, oil, mercury, dried solid residue > 99 % pure minerals (containing 100 % of the NORM)

Plant design:

Fixed or mobile execution 0.5 … > 5 t/h throughput capacity

Heating system fired by:

Electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, recovered oil, diesel, natural gas, as well as hybrid systems are available


Remoistening, cooling and stabilisation of cleaned solid output