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Industrial waste treatment is our profession for more than 20 years.

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econ industries provides the most efficient and cleanest solutions to recover resources from hazardous industrial wastes worldwide.

econ industries has been operating in the profession of industrial waste treatment for over 20 years. Starting with the mantra “Zero Industrial Waste…!” we are passionate about working every day towards a cleaner future; creating safe and effective alternatives to landfilling and waste incineration. Developing cutting-edge resource recovery techniques for hazardous industrial wastes is our daily business. The environment is of utmost importance to us, and all of our work is consistently undertaken in accordance with the strictest German and local environmental regulations.

During the late 1990’s, our first vacuum dryers for soil-remediation went into operation. Today, using vacuum distillation under the brand name VacuDry®, we are 100% committed to providing the best resource recovery method available for industrial wastes and cleaning up contaminated sites. Our waste treatment technology is able to recover e.g. 100% of valuable drilling fluids, leading to a profitable hazardous waste recycling process and minimum impact to the environment.



In addition to vacuum distillation, we offer various complementary technologies e.g. for the stabilization of mercury or the destruction of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, ozone depleting substances or persistent organic pollutants.

Customers who decide to work with us will have access to the most efficient and cleanest solutions for the treatment of hazardous wastes in the world. Large investments have been made into R&D, resulting in unique patented technologies which help to secure our worldwide market leadership. With our team of engineers, we coordinate projects locally and abroad, working mainly across Europe, Asia, Middle East as well as 30 other countries worldwide.

Facts and figures

  • 600,000 tons – treatment capacity of all existing VacuDry® units
  • 90,000 tons – annual throughput capacity of largest VacuDry® unit
  • 150 tons – average weight of the supplied VacuDry® units
  • 600 tons – total weight of the largest VacuDry® unit
  • 9 tons – total weight of the smallest supplied VacuDry® unit
  • 34 countries – origin of inquiries where we work on VacuDry® projects
  • 0 countries – rejected EPA permit applications for VacuDry® units


Business activities

We accompany our clients from the first project idea to the completion of the final plant and operation.

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R&D and pilot-testing

R&D and pilot-testing

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
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Feasibility studies and consulting

Feasibility studies and consulting

  • Results on final quality of treated products
  • Econ test centre equipped with VacuDry® 160
  • On site testing with mobile equipment
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Design and engineering

Design and engineering

  • Design with latest 3D Software
  • HSE consultancy and HAZOP studies
  • CE, ASME and regional standards possible
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Manufacturing and delivery

Manufacturing and delivery

  • Taylor made vacuum distillation plants
  • Transport & logistic
  • Modular concept for easy installation
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Assembly and commissioning

Assembly and commissioning

  • Assembly & installation
  • Commissioning hot & cold
  • operator training
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Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance

  • Maintenance contract
  • Operation by econ industries
  • Rent a VacuDry®
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Bavarian Export Prize 2018

We have held the Bavarian Export Prize in the category services since November 2018. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs awards this prize yearly to small and medium Bavarian companies who have excelled in doing business on foreign markets. More than 90% of our turnkey solutions for hazardous wastes are exported throughout the whole world.

The econ industries headquarters are located in Percha/Starnberg, 20 km southwest of Munich, since 2010. The beautiful StarnbergAmmersee Region in the South of Germany, close to the Alps, provides an inspiring environment for our team. Here administration, development and project management teams are located under one roof. Starnberg is an attractive and easy to reach location, for our employees, business partners, and our (mainly foreign) customers, which offers numerous cultural and recreational opportunities.


Here at econ industries, we are passionate about contributing towards the development of a sustainable future society for humanity. We therefore play an active role in supporting many associations working on increasing sustainability in the fields of hazardous waste management and contaminated soil treatment.

econ industries is a proud member of the following associations:

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