Site remediation

Ex-situ on-site cleaning of contaminated soils


contaminated soil before treatment with VacuDry

Oil contaminated soil

output Vacudry from mercury contaminated soil treatment

The contamination of soils as a result of prior chemical production can often be unpredictable and diverse. The majority of such pollutants will require an ex-situ treatment method. Many of our VacuDry® units can be used for direct-feeding contaminated soils. To reduce the input amount for thermal treatment, the VacuDry® units can also be used in combination with soil-washing plants: In this case, customers only feed the high polluted fractions and screened fines (e.g. below 10 mm), as well as the filter-cake from the soil washing process. However, we are able to handle soil contaminated with mercury, hydrocarbons, PAH, PCB, dioxins, furans, organic-lead compounds and many more.

VacuDry® plants for on-site ex-situ remediation projects are delivered in a modular design. This allows easy movement of the system after completion of the remediation job for further use. Because of the negligible process emissions, VacuDry® can be operated safely in a residential area. For temporary projects, we offer a renting solution. Read more in the “Rent a VacuDry®“ section.

Key Facts


VacuDry® vacuum distillation, possible in combination with soil washing

Throughput capacity:

Up to 10 t/h thermal treatment capacity; in combination with soil washing up to 50 t/h

Input material:

Soils and building rubble contaminated with hydrocarbons, VOC, POP, PAH, lubricants, mercury organic lead compounds etc.

C10-C40 output:

Below 1 %, < 0.1 % possible – according to EN 14039

Mercury output:

< 1 ppm

Heating system fired by:

Fuel oil, diesel, natural gas, biofuels, recovered mineral oil fraction

Greatest benefits:

  • Almost 20 years of proven experience operating vacuum distillation units to treat contaminated soils and building rubble
  • Pioneering unique patented vacuum-distillation solutions, frequently used since 1998 for challenging remediation projects in the chemicals industry
  • Flexible, skid-mounted and modular VacuDry® plants with mobilisation times of between 1 and 3 months (depending on plant sizes)
  • VacuDry® remediation technology always meets local EPA requirements
  • Negligible emissions; approved to operate in residential neighbourhood areas
  • Optional operation of VacuDry® plants on-site by econ industries´ engineers