Metal industry

Processing of grinding swarf, mill scale and other metal containing sludge

Milling process metal industry

mill scale and metal sludge

Sludge by-products from the metalworking industry have a high potential for recycling. Prolonged grinding processes can generate large amounts of highly valuable, alloy-rich sludge; consisting of metal powder and cooling lubricants. Inside our VacuDry® system, the thermal separation of the liquids (hydrocarbons, eventually water) and solids (metal powder) takes place in an oxygen free atmosphere. This absence of oxygen ultimately eliminates material degradation by oxidation, and self-ignition or explosion risks. Operation under a low vacuum ensures the possibility to recover the cooling lubricants for later reuse. After the thermal treatment, for appropriate handling in the melting process, the metal powder is pressed into briquettes. With the econ VacuDry® technology, 100% recycling of all ingredients is possible.

Key Facts


VacuDry® vacuum distillation

Throughput capacity:

0.5 – 5 t/h

Input material:

Grinding swarf, metalworking sludge, mill scale, abrasive slurry, grinding debris, metals and metal alloys, steel, stainless steel etc.

C10-C40 output:

Below 1 %, < 0.1 % possible – according to EN 14039

Heating system fired by:

Fuel oil, diesel, natural gas, biofuels

We provide:

  • 100% recycling of all input materials – metals, oils, lubricants
  • O2-free atmosphere which prevents oxidation or chemical changes to metals and alloys
  • Know-how for responding to all our customers’ special needs and expectations
  • Experience in treatment of numerous different kinds of wastes
  • Economically thinking and acting in the best interests of our industrial clients
  • Small, flexible and modular VacuDry® plants, as well as larger plants with big capacities
  • Premium waste treatment facilities and industrial plants, built to the highest technical standard
  • VacuDry® meets local environmental requirements – all the time and every location