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20 Years of econ industries

20 Years of econ industries

20 years of econ!

Recycling of hazardous waste instead of landfilling and incineration! Where it makes ecological and economic sense, this should actually be a matter of course. But it is not!

It has now been 20 years since  Reinhard Schmidt and Stephanie Gundlage decided to establish the econ industries Group . As a start to the celebrations of the company’s 20th anniversary, the econ team had already been on a joint sailing trip in Croatia in May. Recently, a small celebration for employees and business friends took place. During this celebration, in addition to the District Commissioner Stefan Frey, our CEO Reinhard Schmidt also addressed a few words. Below are a few extracts from this great speech:

“econ industries is not just any company. We have made a difference in the 20 years, maybe we have even become a movement. A movement towards a more environmentally friendly and resource efficient #industry.

We have not only developed our own innovative technologies. We’ve implemented on-site recycling plant projects that help minimize #industrial waste, render #hazardous materials harmless and recover valuable #resources.

The company and its VacuDry® brand have continued to evolve and conquer new markets, in Europe, in Asia and Australia, and soon probably in the America. It has expanded its reach and forged global partnerships. And it has shown that #sustainability and #economy can go hand in hand.

Today, our facilities recycle more than 1,000 tons of industrial waste every day worldwide. If this were incinerated, it would cause 1,000 tons of additional CO2 – emissions every day and thus climate damage of €200,000. Daily!

But econ industries would not be what it is today without our dedicated employees, their families – and our many business friends.

We celebrate these successes of econ industries and those who made them possible. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward with excitement to the challenges that lie ahead.

Here’s to the next 20 years, to the next milestones, and to a world open to technology, where change and progress go hand in hand!”

Many thanks to all congratulants, supports, employees and friends. Especially to the team from gwt Starnberg GmbH – Region StarnbergAmmersee for their sustainable support.

Many thanks also to Micki Liebl from MLTS Eventzelte, Linda Kadner from bubbleboutique_sta and Martinella-Catering Aus München who looked after us. You did a fantastic job!







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