We are a service oriented company

and support our partners in any case.

econ industries is a service-oriented technology supplier. Our technical market leadership is based on a highly skilled, energetic, motivated and versatile team of engineers. We understand that simply selling machinery isn’t going to lead to long lasting success. Special waste processing requires highly-technical and individualised approaches. Impressing our clients and their engineers with outstanding technical solutions is the first major step in the process, but this of course remains hopeless if these solutions are not profitable when applied to real-world situations. The team at econ are always very conscious of maintaining the right economic balance throughout the research and development process in order to best suit our clients’ needs; a process we call ‘econeering’!

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R&D and pilot testing

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  • Cutting-edge research for new waste streams and resource recovery technologies
  • Development of new process technologies, as required
  • Sampling and physical/chemical analysis of test results
  • Fully-equipped lab with VacuDry® units plus further thermal treatment options
  • VacuDry® units available for on-site trials with our experts

In addition to assisting and managing our customers’ needs, R & D in the industrial waste treatment field is an essential part of our daily work. Even in today’s modern high-tech world, countless tons of valuable resources are wasted every day without consideration of reuse potential. We consider this an opportunity to innovate; creating a solution that will be beneficial to both our clients and the environment. During the testing processes, samples of the recoverable products are generated at each stage, and we like to encourage our clients and the relevant authorities to analyse and evaluate these test samples as they wish directly from our R & D team. The ability to witness pilot tests and study materials throughout our various treatment processes is invaluable as it gives our customers a first-hand look at the performance of the VacuDry® system and its supplementary processes such as high temperature treatment, stabilisation, humidification and so on. Together we aim to seek out the ‘hidden gems’ inside the client´s industrial waste streams. Our goal is to help our clients reduce their costs by reusing resources, ultimately increasing profit while minimising environmental impact. Let’s go treasure hunting together!

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Feasibility studies and consulting

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  • Evaluation of the best available technology incl. feasibility studies
  • Business development consultancy for new waste streams
  • Evaluation of different financing models
  • Support on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), HSE processes and HAZOP studies

From the initial concepts and ideas through to the final stages of the completed project, our customers can count on our technical competence and support for all their needs. Our consultation process is undertaken with a team of experts who will assess a variety of treatment technologies, conduct studies about plant sizes and suitable locations for waste treatment, make forecasts on market developments, and even accompany our clients at meetings with authorities and investors to drive projects forward. Teamwork for us is not just a word, it´s a commitment. Having operated in the waste-treatment business for over 20 years, it goes without saying that we will reflect upon and share our long-term experiences gained in the fields of occupational safety, quality management and economic feasibility when it comes to processing a challenging new hazardous waste stream. We also have a reliable worldwide network of partners that we can work together with, should an issue outside our usual areas of expertise arise.

Design and engineering

  • Process design customised to individual waste streams
  • Design drawings delivered using the latest 3D software
  • Local design standards and regulations considered
  • Modular process design, easy to understand

During the initial conceptual engineering phase, econ provides all the necessary documents required for investment decisions to be made and to gain approval from the local authorities. During this process we customise the standard VacuDry® plant design according to the client’s individual requirements, especially regarding individual waste-handling scenarios and local environmental regulations.

Throughout the initial  basic design phase and the subsequent detailed-design phase our econeers make use of the latest 3D modelling and project management software. Our varied work across different industries such as oil and gas, metalworking and chemicals has made us flexible; always looking for a chance to optimise our processes to get the best for our clients. In addition to delivering our services in accordance with European standards, we also take other international standards into consideration, as well as any specific client requirements. From the beginning we will always provide full technical transparency with every step as a project progresses. This ensures approval processes are hassle-free and ultimately results in a faster project completion.

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Manufacturing and delivery

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  • German machinery design standards
  • Delivery of pre-assembled, tested modules
  • Full transparency for clients into manufacturing chain
  • Reliable packing and worldwide transport

As a German-based company we are well-accustomed to designing and supplying our equipment according to some of the highest manufacturing standards around. Our modular equipment design allows pre-assembly and testing of completed units inside our workshops to avoid time-consuming and expensive surprises later at the client´s site. Throughout the manufacturing phase, clients are invited to keep track of progress, with all units being built in short travelling distance from our headquarters near Munich/Germany.  Once the equipment is ready for shipment, our experts will find the most reliable and economical solution to get the VacuDry® units to where they are needed (anywhere worldwide) as quickly as possible; complete with safe, seaworthy packaging and covered by a sound insurance policy.

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Assembly and commissioning

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  • Supervision during the on-site assembly phase
  • Cold and hot commissioning
  • Operator training in theory and practice
  • Wear and spare parts services

For a cost-saving and quick mechanical and electrical assembly, the VacuDry® plants are delivered in modular design. The assembly work on-site can be done by local staff, under the supervision of our econeers. After assembly, the cold commissioning phase is undertaken, including testing of all interfaces provided by our customer. This test phase is followed by the hot commissioning phase, where real material is inputted into the VacuDry® plant for the first time. As a part of the commissioning, the plant is tested up to its maximum performance. Our econeers remain on site until the client´s engineers and technicians are familiar with every process step, as well as the general maintenance procedures. Our wear and spare parts service packages guarantee the highest level of technical availability of our scope of supply from the very beginning.

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Operation and maintenance

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  • Support of client´s operation by remote control services
  • Provision of maintenance services incl. training
  • Joint operation solutions available

Remote online monitoring of the operation is one of the services that we provide with all our VacuDry® units. The econ industries service team have worldwide access to operating data from the plants to assist in understand the day-by-day operation and to help implement new process steps. In a situation where a client may want to add formerly-unknown, profitable waste streams into his operations; the remote control access provides the opportunity for external guidance and support. Further service packages are available upon request: E.g. supervision of maintenance or joint operation of the VacuDry® equipment for a period of time.