We are a service-oriented company

and support our partners in any case.

econ industries is a service-oriented technology supplier. Our technical market leadership is based on a highly skilled, energetic, motivated, and versatile team of engineers. Special waste processing requires highly-technical and individualised approaches. Impressing our clients and their engineers with outstanding technical solutions is the first major step in the process, but this, of course, remains in vain if these solutions are not profitable when applied to real-world situations. The team at econ are always very conscious of maintaining the right economic balance throughout the research and development process in order to best suit our clients’ needs; a process we call ‘econeering’!

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R&D and pilot testing

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  • Cutting-edge research for new waste streams and resource recovery technologies
  • Development of new process technologies, as required
  • Sampling and physical/chemical analysis of test results
  • Fully-equipped lab with VacuDry® units plus further thermal treatment options
  • VacuDry® units available for small and large-scale on-site trials with our experts
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Feasibility studies and consulting

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  • Evaluation of the best available technology incl. feasibility studies
  • Business development consultancy for new waste streams
  • Evaluation of different financing models
  • Support on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), HSE processes, and HAZOP studies
  • Worldwide network of distribution partners and engineering offices

Design and engineering

  • Process design customised to individual waste streams
  • Design drawings delivered using the latest 3D software
  • Local design standards and regulations considered
  • Modular process design, easy to understand
  • Transparency and close contact with our clients right from the beginning
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Manufacturing and delivery

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  • German machinery design standards
  • Delivery of pre-assembled and tested modules
  • Full transparency for clients into manufacturing chain
  • Reliable packing and worldwide transport
  • Involvement of local suppliers upon request
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Assembly and commissioning

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  • Supervision during the on-site assembly phase
  • Cold and hot commissioning
  • Operator training in theory and practice
  • Wear and spare parts services
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Operation and maintenance

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  • Support of client´s operation by remote control services
  • Provision of maintenance services incl. training
  • Joint operation solutions available