Filter Cake

Treatment of filter cake waste from industrial processes

Chemical industry
Metal industry
Soil washing
Oil from NORM waste after treatment
Hydrocarbons & solvents
Water from NORM waste after treatment
Cleaned solids, e.g. metals

Filter cake is a common byproduct of industrial chemical and physical waste water treatment, soil washing, the food industry, and other chemical processes. These wastes are frequently produced in large quantities and contain a variety of contaminants. The disposal of these wastes can be challenging and costly due to the high moisture content and often high degree of contamination accumulated in the filter cake. Our VacuDry® technology allows recovering valuable resources in these wastes while also eliminating the moisture content.

Benefits of VacuDry® filter cake plants

  • Low energy consumption through efficient heat transfer
  • Recovery of valuable resources including hydrocarbons, solvents or mercury
  • Moisture removal for significant volume reduction
  • High flexibility regarding different types of waste streams
  • Optional: can be operated using green energy
Key Facts


Filter cake produced by industrial chemical-physical wastewater treatments, soil washing, the food industry, and various chemical processes.

Input material:

Filter cake waste

Output material:

Water, Hydrocarbons, solvents, Glycerin and fatty acids, mercury, PFOS, metals

Plant design:

Fixed or mobile execution, 0.5 … >10 t/h throughput capacity

Heating system fired by:

Electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, recovered oil, diesel, natural gas, as well as hybrid systems are available