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econ at Phoenix Waste Management Symposia

econ at Phoenix Waste Management Symposia

2024 is the year in which econ industries will lead the North American market: On 11th / 12th March, econ at Phoenix Waste Management Symposia (Pheonix/AZ) will be presenting on two topics that are of great importance in the hazardous waste management sector.

In the last twenty year’s econ industries and its VacuDry® brand have continue to evolve and seize new markets. Today, our facilities recycle more than 1,000 tons of industrial waste every day in Europe, the Gulf Region, in Asia, Australia, and soon in the America.

Phase Out of Elemental Mercury by On-Site Mobile Mercury Conversion Units

Mercury’s historical significance contrasts with its modern risks to the health and the environment. This research focuses on the significance of mercury stabilization, the operational principles of the Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit, the experiences of stabilizing more than 500 metric tons of elemental mercury in Europe in chlor-alkali facilities, the benefits of the local treatment approach and its role in promoting sustainable mercury management to contribute to a healthier environment and safer communities.

Session: 037 Innovative Field Monitoring and Sustainability (7.04a) 

Date & time: March 11th, @3:20 PM – 3:45 PM

Location: Phoenix Convention Center, Room 222C

MMCU 1500 (left) & MMCU 150 Rendering (right)

Commercial-Scale Treatment of NORM/TENORM Sludges with Indirect Heated Vacuum Distillation Technology

Addressing the challenge of managing Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and technology enhanced NORM waste (TENORM) in industries such as oil and gas, and nuclear remediation, VacuDry® introduces an innovative solution. The research presented here assesses the feasibility of the separation of non-radioactive water, oil, and mercury from solid radioactive waste through an indirect heated vacuum distillation process. Real cases are used to present the VacuDry® technology by econ at Phoenix Waste Management Symposia and evaluate the benefits of the indirect heated vacuum distillation, including increased efficiency, sustainability, and treatment potential, relative to other thermal treatments for NORM waste.

Session: 101 Treatment of LLW/ILW Resins and Sludges (3.06d)

Date & time: March 11th, @3:20 PM – 3:45 PM

Location: Phoenix Convention Center, Room 227C

VacuDry®  1500 Rendering

Meet us in Phoenix from 10th to 14th March and we will also have some time to meet clients before, during and after. With previous inquiries we received from the US, the focus is treatment of mercury contaminated wastes by VacuDry® as well as conversion of elemental mercury to mercury sulphide in our Mobile Mercury Conversion Units (MMCU) for final disposal. In addition, we are currently also involved in other projects such as metal and grinding sludge and PFAS contamination.

If you want to learn more or would like to meet us in North America, simply send an e-mail to your econ contact or to

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