Drill cuttings

Recovery of drilling fluid in best quality

Drill cutting NORM waste
Drill cuttings
refinery waste and oily waste
Drilling rig
Drill cuttings
Oil from NORM waste after treatment
Oil, drilling fluid
Water from NORM waste after treatment
Cleaned soldis

Common drilling procedures for oil and gas, used widely around the world, produce a consistently increasing amount drill cuttings containing oil. In some cases, drill cuttings even contain other hazardous components such as mercury or NORM (Natural occurring Radioactive Material), requiring special attention. Treatment of drill cuttings is therefore beneficial from both an environmental and an economic standpoint, allowing valuable drilling oil to be recovered, and ensuring environmentally sound disposal of the drill cuttings. Our VacuDry® technology is designed to safely separate oil, water and mercury from the solids (including NORM), allowing reuse of the oil and safe disposal of the water, mercury, solids and NORM.


Benefits of VacuDry® drill cuttings plants

  • High-quality of recovered drilling oil – ready to sell at a high price
  • Low thermal energy consumption
  • Low wear and tear
  • Precise control of the recycling process
  • High oil recovery rate: > 99 %
  • Dryer heated with thermal oil, certified for ATEX operation
Key Facts


Drill cuttings from oil and gas exploration
Oil based mud (OBM)

Input material:

Sludge materials with a wide range of viscosities and compositions

Output material:

Highest quality of recovered high priced drilling oil – ready to sell, water and 99 % pure minerals

Plant design:

Fixed or mobile execution 0.5 … > 10 t/h throughput capacity

Heating system fired by:

Electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, recovered oil, diesel, natural gas, as well as hybrid systems are available

Drilling fluid                                                             

VacuDry®  is the only drill cuttings treatment process where drilling fluid can be recovered in its highest-quality form. The recovered fluid fulfils the requirement for standard drilling-operations and therefore can be reused, or resold to the drilling industry.

The quality is able to remain stable during the VacuDry® process due to:

  • Vacuum (below 100 mbar(abs))
  • Absence of oxygen (nitrogen blanketing)
  • Low temperatures (less than 200 °C)

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