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econ industries is again at IFAT 2024: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Waste Management

econ industries is again at IFAT 2024: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Waste Management

econ industries is again at IFAT 2024 with our new motto: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Waste Management. We are once again thrilled to announce the participation in the upcoming IFAT 2024 in Munich, Germany, taking place on May 13-17, 2024. Visit us at Hall A4, Booth 251, to explore new technology to shape the future of Sustainable Waste Management that is more profitable, reliable and green energy powered.

As a leading innovator in sustainable waste management solutions, we’re excited to connect with fellow industry professionals, showcase our groundbreaking VacuDry® technology. Explore the future of environmental responsibility with us by minimizing environmental impact and fostering a circular economy. VacuDry® empowers businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

econ will once again stand strong among more than 2,900 exhibitors, emphasizing a 100% commitment to the design and delivery of turn-key hazardous waste treatment and recycling plants. Our focus still remains on providing sustainable and energy efficient alternatives to incineration, outdated thermal technologies, and landfill.

econ industries is again at IFAT 2024 econ industries is again at IFAT 2024

Successful Plant Deliveries Showcase Global reach of econ industries’ technology

We are proud to highlight several successful plant deliveries. Amongst all, we once again realized a lighthouse project in the Gulf Region, as well as two further plant deliveries in Europe. Our econeers will be happy to tell you more about:

  • The VacuDry® 1 500 for NORM waste treatment in Saudi Arabia
  • The MARPOL sludge facility using a VacuDry® 3 000
  • The VacuDry® 1 500 for oily & mercury wastes in Greece

Successful Plant Deliveries Showcase Global reach of econ industries' technology

                       VacuDry® 3 000                                                      VacuDry® 1 500

econ industries introduce the New Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit 150 Design

Mercury treatment remains a top priority at econ industries. For 20 years, with our VacuDry® technology we have been offering the best treatment solution for mercury waste (soils, sludges, catalysts etc.). VacuDry® can guarantee >99% cleaning of mercury waste that we have demonstrated by our many projects.

In addition to the VacuDry® technology, we also offer the unique Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit (MMCU). With the MMCU it is possible to stabilize elemental mercury to mercury sulphide. Having already stabilized over 500 t of elemental mercury in Europe with our own MMCU 1500.

Building on this success, we are proud to announce that we are currently in the manufacturing phase of our New Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit (MMCU) 150 for Australia. This compact unit can treat 200 kg batches of elemental mercury, currently offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for on-site stabilization. This means that we not only have delivered the first mercury waste treatment facility to the southern hemisphere but also the first mercury stabilization unit! This will make Australia completely independent in terms of mercury waste treatment, setting an end to the long transports of elemental mercury to Europe for final treatment. This is not only very good for the environment, but also saves a lot of money!

Hazardous waste recycling with Zero CO2 emission concept

There are two possible sources of CO2 emissions. On the one hand, the process off-gas from the actual treatment process and, on the other hand, the indirect off-gas from the generation of thermal energy for the process itself.

Process off-gas

It is well known that the process off-gas from our VacuDry® process are always very low anyway, typically < 10 Nm³/h. We ensure this through the ingenious design and the vacuum-tight system. Furthermore, nothing is oxidized or burned during the process, as we only evaporate the harmful substances in the vacuum evaporator. Afterwards, the vapor stream passes through a highly efficient two-stage condensation process. In this way, we ensure that the process off-gas treatment complies with current standards. Post-treatment after the activated carbon filters is not necessary if you use VacuDry®.

Thermal oil heating unit off-gas

The thermal energy for the vacuum dryers is provided by the thermal oil heating unit. The unit can be operated with electricity, natural gas, bio gas, hydrogen and diesel/recovered oil. It is therefore already possible to operate a VacuDry® plant completely CO2-emission free if the energy comes from renewable sources. As the world is still in times of change, we’re excited to announce the recent delivery of a state-of-the-art hybrid thermal oil heating unit. This innovative system offers the flexibility to choose between electricity and natural gas for heating, allowing for sustainability, optimal efficiency and cost savings. So, for example, the system is designed for hybrid operations, utilizing renewable solar energy during peak generation periods and transitioning to natural gas, according to the project. This design accommodates future integration of battery storage and thermal storage solutions, allowing for even greater flexibility and customization based on specific project requirements.

                                                          Zero CO2 Emissions Concept

Want to explore how econ industries VacuDry® technology can revolutionize your waste management, contact us at or reach out to your existing econeer contact to learn more.

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