Remediation of soil and building rubble

Oil contaminated site
Mercury contaminated soil
Building rubble
Oil from NORM waste after treatment
Oil & hydrocarbons
Water from NORM waste after treatment
Cleaned soil

Contaminated soil and building-rubble can be efficiently treated with VacuDry® technology, including a diverse range of toxic and hazardous substances. VacuDry® units also have low emissions and low power consumption, making on-site treatment with our mobile units both economically and environmentally sound.

Benefits of VacuDry® soil remediation plants:

  • Proven and versatile treatment method which has been operating for over 10 years
  • Environmentally friendly, fully enclosed separation process for volatile contaminants
  • Single process approved to operate with multi-contaminant input materials
  • High temperatures and low vacuum pressure ensure a thorough cleaning process
  • Low energy consumption is achieved through efficient heat transfer
  • Emission and dust free system; encapsulated treatment of exhaust vapours and solids
  • Optional stabilisation/solidification of cleaned solids after thermal treatment
Key Facts


Abandoned, multi-contaminated hazardous waste landfills, brownfields, old industrial production facilities, coke oven plant sites
Contaminants: dioxins, PCB, PAH, TPH, furans, hydrocarbons (oil), chlorinated organic compounds, organic lead, mercury compounds (tetraethyl lead), residues from petrochemical processes or pesticide production

Input material:

Debris, soils, dust, sludges with varying moisture contents, sediments, fine fraction of soil washing

Output material:

Oil, water, clean solids

Plant design:

Fixed or mobile execution 0.5 … > 10 t/h throughput capacity

Heating system fired by:

Electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, recovered oil, diesel, natural gas, as well as hybrid systems are available


Remoistening, cooling and stabilisation of cleaned solid output