Oily waste

The integrated solution for oily waste

Oil contaminated soil
Oil sludges
Oily waste
Oil from NORM waste after treatment
Oil & hydrocarbons
Water from NORM waste after treatment
Cleaned solids

Wherever oil is produced, processed, transported or stored, our clients face large amounts of oily waste in many different forms. Our VacuDry® technology allows efficient and environmentally friendly treatment of all oily waste streams within a single plant. Due to the conditions under which the waste is treated (low temperature, vacuum and nitrogen blanketing), the recovered oil can then be reused after treatment.

Benefits of VacuDry® oily waste plants

  • Turn-key, skid-mounted, mobile or stationary custom-made solutions
  • Defined separation of reusable hydrocarbons through gradual heating
  • High operational availability due to self-cleaning dryer
  • High quality recovered oil due to indirect heating under vacuum, no cracking processes
  • Reuse of the condensed, clean water for the re-moistening of treated mineral solid output
  • Emission and dust-free system by encapsulated treatment of exhaust vapours and solids
  • Optional engineering service for mechanical pre-treatment by centrifugation
  • econ VacuDry® system fully meets EN HSE standards
  • Optional: Utilisation of recovered mineral oil fraction for burning inside the thermal oil unit
Key Facts


Tank cleaning sludge, oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds, solid phase from centrifugation, contaminated sites, refineries

Input material:

All oily wastes and sludges with > 45 % solid content

Output material:

Oil, water, solid output (TPH C10-C40 Below 1 %, < 0.1 % possible)

Plant design:

Fixed or mobile execution 0.5 … > 5 t/h throughput capacity

Heating system fired by:

Electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, recovered oil, diesel, natural gas, as well as hybrid systems are available