Mercury Conversion

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Pure elemental mercury

Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit

Cinnabar (Mercury Sulphide)

Hundreds of tons of elemental mercury – amongst others the largest ever existing mercury stockpile of more than 400 tons – have already been converted to mercury sulphide and finally stored, based on our unique mobile solutions for mercury conversion. 
Under nitrogen atmosphere liquid mercury and Sulphur powder react in a hermetically closed reactor. Continuous, intensive mixing during the process ensures complete stoichiometric reaction to form mercury sulphide, enabling its safe final disposal.
In terms of traceability, flexibility, safety and eco-friendliness of the offered mercury waste disposal solutions, our solution is unrivalled. Mobile units and on-site mercury conversion are ideal for companies that want to take more control and ensure that their excess mercury is no longer traded or disposed of in a vague or questionable manner.

Greatest benefits of the MMCU technology

  • Our mobile units transform toxic mercury to non-toxic and stable red mercury sulphide (HgS – cinnabar) ready for leachate-free landfilling or subsurface disposal
  • Fully controlled and encapsulated process, which is safe and emission-free
  • Full control and full transparency of the whole waste handling process, by on-site treatment together with the client
  • Expensive and long-lasting hazardous waste notification and transportation procedures are minimised, along with their associated expenses
  • Recognised and proven process design, pilot testing of procedures is available to facilitate environmental approval procedures

Elements of econ MMCU

  • Feeding unit
  • Mixer
  • Discharge unit
  • Off-gas treatment including Vacuum generation
  • Thermal oil unit
  • Cooling unit
  • Control unit


Download factsheet: On-site mercury conversion