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There are a wide amount of applications for our VacuDry® process within the oil and gas industry. A large variety of wastes and by-products that are generated in the oil & gas production chain can be treated effectively and sustainably.
In past decades, numerous thermal desorption processes have been implemented worldwide, using a variety of heating chamber designs to separate hydrocarbons from the mineral solids. Such standard TDUs work under atmospheric pressure which can lead to safety risks, high energy consumption, larger emissions and limited flexibility regarding altering feed materials.
Due to its unique design, the complications outlined above are avoided throughout the VacuDry® process. When it comes to treating standard oily wastes, mercury-containing waste streams, NORM, and especially for the recovery of highly valuable drilling fluids from drill cuttings; our vacuum thermal desorption process (i.e. vacuum distillation) is economically unbeatable.

Key Facts


VacuDry® vacuum distillation

Throughput capacity:

0.5 – 10 t/h

Input material:

Drill cuttings, refinery wastes, NORM, spent catalyst, spent activated carbon, contaminated soils, tank bottoms, sludge from waste water treatment, centrifuge cakes, filter cakes from filter presses, sludge catcher residues (with or without mercury contamination)

Heating source:

Approx. 300 kW per ton of input material; fuel oil, diesel, natural gas, biofuels, recovered mineral oil fraction, electricity

What we offer to the oil & gas industry:

  • Almost 20 years of experience in treating hydrocarbon and mercury-contaminated waste streams
  • Elaboration of business case scenarios based on pilot tests for on-site treatment, for service companies as well as waste producers
  • Cutting-edge R&D team and expert project management skills to take on new challenges
  • The most economical, flexible plant design available: space saving, standardised or tailor-made
  • Modular, semi-mobile VacuDry® units are available, as well as centralised waste treatment centres
  • VacuDry® meets all refinery design standards as well as regulatory HS&E requirements worldwide
  • Sustainable, final handling of wastes possible with our on-site treatment option in end-user´s own responsibility
  • econ industries offers support throughout the entire service chain, including on-site training and operation of VacuDry® units