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Largest mercury treatment plant by econ opened in Australia

Largest mercury treatment plant by econ opened in Australia

Econ industries is proud to announce the completion of a game-changing new facility for mercury waste management in Karratha, in the northwestern part of Australia.

In July, Contract resources, a catalyst handling and mechanical services company, opened the largest mercury treatment plant in the southern hemisphere. Thereby, it eliminates the need to export mercury-contaminated waste from Australia, fulfilling the Nation’s obligations under the Basel Convention, an international treaty designed to reduce the movements of hazardous waste between countries.

After a construction period of less than 6 months, the plant using econ‘s award-winning VacuDry® technology, was inaugurated by the Australian Minister for Finance.

Reinhard Schmidt, CEO econ, accompanied the project from the very beginning: ”We are very proud that, once more, a company in Australia trusts our technology ‚Made in Germany‘. With this new plant an innovative, safe and environmentally friendly solution for the treatment and recycling of mercury waste in Australia has been established.”

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