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VacuDry® plus – the turbo for vacuum distillation!

VacuDry® plus – the turbo for vacuum distillation!

Vacuum distillation units that operate with thermal oil heating systems have a maximum heating temperature range of up to 400 °C . This is normally sufficient to separate almost all kinds of evaporable hazardous substances that boil under atmospheric pressure in a temperature range up to app. 500 °C. With these heating levels the `normal´ contaminants such as mercury, hydrocarbons up to C40 chain lenghts, PCB, PAH, etc. can be easily removed from mineral soilds.

In most countries environmental regulations require the removal of organics even though they are not evaporable and not leachable to the environment. This was leading to a long term R&D project for our econ team, to develop new methods to remove complex organic compounds. Only a few days ago, almost two years after starting with pilot tests, the econ team for the first time achieved a significant reduction of more than 90 % of non-evaporable organic carbons inside a slightly modified VacuDry unit. There is no doubt that this result is a major achievement for our clients that want to enlarge their portfolio of incoming waste streams, especially from the oil and gas industry, but also for remediation of soils that are contaminated with non-evaporable, complex organic compounds, such as benzo[a]pyrene.

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