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First mobile VacuDry® unit completed

First mobile VacuDry® unit completed

After 6 months manufacturing econ industries has now delivered the first fully mobile VacuDry® vacuum distillation unit, having the size of a 40´´ container.

The heart of the plant consists of our well proven VacuDry® 1,000 vacuum dryer. The feeding and discharge systems of the plant can be adapted to a wide variety of input materials. To stay flexible the plant is built in modules that can be exchanged easily – a great way to increase serviceability and to adjust the plant to special requirements at each job. The start-up of the plant on-site requires only a few days.

There were two reasons for us to build the mobile VacuDry® plant. On the one hand econ will be able to provide on-site solutions for clients from the chlor-alkali industry, the oil & gas industry as well the metal industry. This means that transport and export of thousands of tons of hazardous wastes become more and more redundant. On the other hand econ is strengthening its role of being the market leader by entering the rental and service market with an offer that no other company can provide. As far as we can see the market requires further mobile VacuDry® units. We are prepared to build them, even with increased throughput.” says econ CEO Reinhard Schmidt.

econ has already secured service contracts until early 2019. After that econ is targeting the following industries:

  • Conversion of metallic mercury into HgS
  • Metal containing sludge incl. catalyst
  • NORM waste
  • Mercury waste

Mobile VacuDry® at a glance

  • Start of Production: 2018
  • Business Model: Sale or rental
  • Batch volume: 1 m³
  • Batches per day: 3-5 ( 3-shift operation)
  • Treatment temperature: up to 370 °C
  • Supervision: provided by econ industries

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