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    Kempfenhausen,14.08.2019, Binen für Econ industrie(vorne kniend Stephanie Gundlage, Frank Schuster( Reinhard Schmidt, Colin Porwol, Katharina Koch, Kevin Bach, Anja Oehler, Alejandro Cstilla, Jasmina Prokic, Gereon Steffes, Thomas Stawinski
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Beefuture – A new home for our beehive

Since today it hums and buzzes in our beehive in Kempfenhausen near Starnberg. Our whole team was able to attend when Frank Schuster and a beekeeper from beefuture GmbH settled the bees at their new home.

“Our company builds and operates facilities worldwide with which we actively contribute to environmental protection and prevent the waste of resources on a daily basis. With our company-owned bee colony, we now want to set an example of active environmental protection, not only in the StarnbergAmmersee region. We also want to make this a tangible experience for our employees, customers and partners, and additionally encourage discussion,” says Reinhard Schmidt, CEO of econ industries.

The increased death of bees is an issue worldwide. Declines in the number of bee colonies have been recorded internationally. Since the successful petition for a referendum on biodiversity in 2018 in Bavaria, a number of initiatives and projects to protect bees have been erected.

Almost 80% of the useful and wild plants are pollinated by the western honey bee. To fill a glass of honey, bees have to fly about 150,000 km, i.e. three times around the world. Since a bee can travel about 8,000 km in its life, it needs a whole crowd of bees to do this work. Without this pollination work, humans would not only have to do without honey, but also without many useful plants.

“With the settlement of the bee colony it is important for us to be able to make a small, but valuable contribution to the protection of species and biological diversity. Of course, we are also looking forward to a first taste”, laughs Reinhard Schmidt.

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