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econ at Metal and Battery Recycling Expo

econ at Metal and Battery Recycling Expo

As our worldwide resources are getting scarcer, the recovery and recycling of valuable metals is essential nowadays. It is time for the metal and battery industries to start normalizing waste recycling processes instead of landfilling valuable waste streams!

Two of our experts, Reinhard Schmidt (founder & CEO) and Jan Borbet (sales engineer) traveled to Frankfurt with the objective of informing our stakeholders about our current solutions for metal and battery recycling. The conference and expositions resulted in fruitful discussions with new contacts coming from several industries across the waste treatment market.

Metal Recycling

In the field of metal and battery recycling, the potential for VacuDry® technology is almost infinite: In metal recycling, VacuDry® systems are able to recover metal fractions from contaminated with hydrocarbons, e. g. metalworking sludge, mill scale, sludge consisting of non-ferrous metals and waxes. With our indirectly heated vacuum thermal distillation technology, oily components are evaporated at temperatures between 100 °C and 400 °C under vacuum below 50 mbar(abs) leaving the solid metallic material free of hydrocarbons.

Battery Recycling

When recycling lithium-ion batteries, VacuDry® is used to separate electrolytes in a fully capsuled, nitrogen atmosphere. Here, econ supplies vacuum dryers, including condensation and heating, as package units for integration into complete battery recycling facilities. After shredding the dismantled batteries, the drying process allows for the recovery of electrolytes, preventing fire or explosions in the battery recycling process.

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