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Reinhard Schmidt to take lead in UNEP Global Mercury Partnership working group

econ has been involved in the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership’s ‘Waste Management Area’ for many years. The UNEP Global Mercury Partnership, established in 2005, aims to safeguard human health and the environment against mercury releases into the air, water, and land. The Partnership, which includes over 200 partners from governments, IGOs, NGOs, industry, and academia, is dedicated to ensuring the timely and effective implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, as well as providing cutting-edge knowledge and science as well as raising awareness about global mercury action.

Reinhard Schmidt, our CEO and Founder, has now assumed leadership of the working group focusing on ‘capacity building.’ His objective is for every country to be able to deal with mercury waste ethically and using cutting-edge technology. To the greatest extent feasible, this should be accomplished by preventing waste exports, which also necessitates special training in local mercury waste management.

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