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Filter cake waste from industrial processes? – No problem!

Filter cake waste from industrial processes? – No problem!

Filter cake is a typical waste, produced by industrial chemical-physical wastewater treatments, soil washing, the food industry, and in various chemical processes. These wastes are often generated in significant volumes with a myriad of contaminants. Due to the high moisture content and often high level of contamination accumulated in the filter cake, the disposal of these wastes can be difficult and costly.

Why not recover the valuable resources in these wastes, while also significantly reducing the moisture content? The recovered hydrocarbons can often be used as a secondary fuel, or for further refinement. Contaminations that can be removed or recovered are:

  • Hydrocarbons/organics
  • Solvents
  • Glycerine and fatty acids
  • Mercury
  • PFOS
  • Metals


Filter cake waste is the perfect application for the VacuDry® technology. Optimized to recover valuable resources and remove contaminations, it will increase your bottom line.

The VacuDry® Advantage:

  • Save energy and costs through vacuum distillation
  • Safely recover valuable resources incl. hydrocarbons, solvents, mercury
  • Remove the moisture for significant waste reduction
  • High flexibility on input material and consistency
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