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Advantage by energy efficiency

Advantage by energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in soil remediation

When you speak of energy efficiency in thermal soil remediation, you cannot get passed the VacuDry® – technology.

econ industries’ VacuDry® technology has an energy efficiency of more than 80%. Concretely, 80% of the energy of the source fuel is transferred to the soil as thermal energy. A highly efficient boiler/burner unit ensures an exceptionally effective heat transfer from the fuel to the circulating thermal oil and an excellent insulation of the piping and the dryer. Also an almost lossless heat transfer from thermal oil to soil material via coiled pipes welted to the outside wall of the evaporator is garanteed. The homogenous agitation in the evaporator provides a fast heat transfer from the wall to the material in the dryer. The energy efficiency is further improved by the use of a vacuum. This  reduces the boiling point of the water and contaminants in the soil. As a result a lower material temperature is necessary and hot exhaust gas is absent from the process.

An example will make it clear. If you treat one (1) ton of soil with 15% moisture, contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and mercury by vacuum drying (VacuDry®) it requires approx. 185 kW/t of thermal energy to convert the material back to clean soil. Achieving the same result with a rotary kiln approx. 1,919 kW/t of thermal energy is needed due to high losses in energy use caused by weak insulation and hot exhaust gas. This means a VacuDry® system consumes 90% less energy compared to a rotary kiln to achieve the same performance or result.

The VacuDry® technology is the energy saving solution for the treatment of contaminated soils and sludges.

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