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Industrial Symbiosis – From Waste to Resource

Reinhard Schmidt, CEO econ industries, welcomes the new online platform Sharebox, on which companies can offer and search resources.


Starnberger Merkur – Braked in front of its own front door

With their VacuDry® systems, Reinhard Schmidt and Stephanie Gundlage from the Starnberg-based company econ industries can dispose of hazardous industrial wastes in an environmentally friendly way.


Süddeutsche Zeitung – A clean thing

Reinhard Schmidt and his company econ industries process highly toxic industrial waste and contaminated soil worldwide.


Bee-staff next to the castle

“We now have 50,000 more employees,” says Reinhard Schmidt, head of econ industries services GmbH in Starnberg, Germany, with a happy toast to his new “colleagues”.