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Münchner Merkur – Starnbergers clean up the world

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of econ industries, Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Zeil also visited the company’s headquarters.


Cronicle – VTD unit to be installed at Brooklyn VIC

Indirect heated vacuum thermal desorption (VTD) – also called ‘vacuum-distillation’ – has been applied for a number of industrial waste recycling and soil remediation projects in Europe since the 1970s.


Entsorga Magazine – Hot separation in vacuum

Hazardous industrial waste and contaminated sites can be processed efficiently. econ industries relies on a process that recovers secondary raw materials.


AHK Business News – Revolutionising hazardous waste management

Revolutionising hazardous waste management in Australia: Interview with Reinhard Schmidt, CEO, econ industries services GmbH.