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New partnership with UNEP

New partnership with UNEP

We are proud to announce that econ industries now is an official partner of the United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP in the areas “mercury cell chlor alkali production” and “mercury waste management”. As a UNEP Global Mercury Partner our contribution will contain knowledge transfer in all fields of mercury contaminated site or waste management. Also we are offering solutions for recovery and final disposal of mercury and for creating closed mercury loops.

The overall goal of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership is to protect human health and the global environment from the release of mercury and its compounds by minimizing and, where feasible, ultimately eliminating global, anthropogenic mercury releases to air, water and land.

econ commits to fully support the UNEP in achieving the UNEP Mercury Partnership Goals by contributing knowledge and experiences during workshops e.g. with creating operational / technical guidelines or participating / observing the advisory group. Furthermore we will take part in UNEP activities related to our working field and cooperate on mercury waste management and lighthouse remediation projects.

Imagine – Zero industrial waste …!

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