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Zero Emissions in Hazardous Waste Treatment

Zero Emissions in Hazardous Waste Treatment

Welcome to the year 2022! Man-made climate change continues to be a fact, and its impact on life around the world can only be mitigated at best. Should we therefore abandon efforts to stop it?

After 20 years of providing solutions that lower emissions by over 80% when compared to hazardous waste incineration, econ industries is now aiming for 100%!

This is a crucial step for many companies in the chemical and metal industries that need to become climate-neutral but still dispose of their waste in hazardous waste incineration today. It is critical not to focus solely on making an internal production climate-neutral. Every manufacturing process must conclude with waste disposal that is both environmentally sound and safe, ideally with full recycling of valuable materials.

With good reason, the destruction of industrial waste by incineration is regarded as the final resort, only permitted if all other options fail for reasons of environmental protection –  as long as they are economically reasonable. And, as we all know, the concept of economic reasonableness is currently changing radically when it comes to environmental issues.

As a leading technology company in the field of industrial waste recycling, econ industries offers standard solutions for our customers, which can be operated economically and energetically climate-neutral today and tomorrow.

econ is the world’s first plant engineering company to offer thermal treatment and recyling plants for solid and pasty hazardous wastes that can be run exclusively on renewable energy. Depending on the respective availability at the site, combined and flexible operation of our VacuDry® plants with wind and solar energy, biogas and even hydrogen is possible. And, as long as ‘green energy‘ is not available in sufficient quantities, we offer operation with natural gas in a hybrid design for a transitional period.

Let’s make 2022 count.

Happy New Year!

Reinhard Schmidt (CEO and Founder)

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