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econ industries at IE Expo Shanghai, April 2021
Our partner Henotec at the IE Expo Shanghai 2021

econ industries at IE Expo Shanghai, April 2021

While we missed meeting our customers and partners in person, we are thankful that our partner in ChinaHenoteccould be at our first trade show participation of the year: at the IE Expo in Shanghai. 

China’s economy has been growing at a very fast pace, albeit more moderately in recent years, and the Chinese government is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. econ industries, as an international company, is looking forward to treating hazardous industrial waste in China using our VacuDry® technology. At the same time, we focus on the economic aspects of waste remediation, so that our customers can treat their hazardous wastes not only more sustainably but also profitably. 

China is known as the world’s factory, and the development of the Chinese industry has resulted in a lot of industrial hazardous waste. The unique design of the VacuDry® plant allows for many different feed materials to be treated. The recovery of valuable metals from mill scale and grinding swarf for example, provides our customers with significant monetary benefits resulting from this recycling process   

The recovery of mercury has always been a strength of econ industries. In some parts of China, mercury mining has created a lot of mercury-contaminated soil and waste, which can affect the health of many locals, if the waste is not properly treated. We can provide our customers not only with VacuDry® equipment for mercury recovery but also with ancillary equipment such as High Temperature Treatment Unit (HTTU) and mercury conversion unit (MMCU). We believe that with our joint efforts with our partner Henotec, econ industries can bring more sustainable, yet profitable solutions for the treatment of hazardous industrial wastes to China! Want to learn more? Send us an email to 


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