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Curtain down at ADIPEC - doors open for future business

Curtain down at ADIPEC – doors open for future business

With the focus on drill cuttings treatment econ did everything right during this year’s ADIPEC exhibition. Talking to clients from all over the Gulf region it became obvious that our unique approach to supply technology that can be used for Diesel based drill cuttings, synthetic based drill cuttings as well as contaminated soils is extremely attractive on a mid and long term basis. In addition we also found that there is a lot of room for further implementation of sound and innovative practices for drilling waste management. With our commitment towards 100 % onshore treatment of any kind of hazardous waste inside stationary treatment facilities econ is definitely not following the questionable ways to look after offshore opportunities to get rid of the wastes by reinjection or ‘treat and dump into the sea’. Onshore treatment of offshore wastes is certainly not the easiest way to deal with the drilling wastes, but it is by far the most sustainable one. Bringing the offshore wastes to onshore facilities would also open the door for new and efficient solutions for the expanding onshore drilling waste streams in the Gulf region. The combined operation of both drilling waste streams – from onshore as well as from offshore – in larger centralized treatment facilities in each of the Gulf countries would definitely ensure the most economical way of treating such wastes and recover valuable resources. This becomes even more important with expanding drilling operations based on using synthetic fluids in the next years. – RS

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