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The VacuDry® MINI is here!

The VacuDry® MINI is here!

econ industries is proud to introduce the latest edition to the family: the VacuDry® MINI

Equipped like a full-scale VacuDry® with vacuum evaporator system, a matching condensation unit, as well as an exhaust air treatment, the MINI is ideal for feasibility studies on-site!

The 5-litre VacuDry® MINI is a transportable trial unit to test samples of hazardous waste at your location. It conveniently fits on a trailer for easy transport.

The VacuDry® MINI is installed on a single steel frame, so it can be operated on a trailer or forklifted to the ground for the treatment. The unit has two sides, a working side where the evaporation system is installed, and a laboratory side with a large fold-out work surface and condensation system.

VacuDry® technology is a vacuum distillation process that separates substances based on their different boiling points. A batch-wise operating vacuum dryer uses heat and a controlled vacuum to evaporate volatile contaminants.

VacuDry® MINI – For on-site trials. Recover resources from industrial hazardous wastes.

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