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Mercury pollution abatement by VacuDry® reaches a new peak with the highest soil remediation job in the world

Mercury pollution abatement by VacuDry® reaches a new peak with the highest soil remediation job in the world

Are contaminated soils and mercury waste a topic for you?
Have the high investment cost of large equipment prevented you from addressing the issue?
Maybe a mobile unit is the right solution for your project?
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Mercury pollution continues to present a significant risk to the environment and human health globally. econ industries is proud to help address this issue. For more than 15 years our equipment treated mercury contaminated soils and waste all over Europe using our VacuDry® technology. This technology enables us to safely separate mercury from wastes and stabilize, if required, the pure mercury for safe final disposal.

Using this extensive knowledge from the European market while meeting the global market demand for mercury recovery or stabilization, econ industries began to offer smaller systems based on a modular design. These modular systems enable the economical ex-situ, on-site remediation of sites with lower amounts of contaminated material. Also, this ensures that customers with reduced quantities of mercury can treat contaminated soils responsibly without having to transport the hazardous material over long distances. The aim is to achieve a more sustainable disposal of this toxic waste, which focuses on resource recovery or safe disposal. It therefore aids the protection of human health. In addition, global customers in emerging and developing countries will be able to build their own expertise in handling contaminated sites and hazardous waste, avoiding the use of landfills and incineration.

Key facts mobile VacuDry for mercury

  • resource recovery and/or
  • on-site conversion of elemental mercury into HgS for safe disposal
  • fair, comprehensible pricing
  • no transboundary movement of mercury, no interim transport, no certified Hg transport containers required
  • traceability during entire process

Currently, econ industries is in the process of transporting one of these mobile units to Tamil Nadu in the South of India where the operation of a now closed mercury thermometer factory resulted in mercury contaminated soil. The ex-situ, on-site treatment offered by econ industries was selected and recommended by the involved consulting company, favored and approved by the local authorities and will be finally operated by our client to treat the mercury contaminated soil. The econ industries team is looking forward to putting the system into operation, soon. Kodaikanal, located at an altitude of 2,200 m in the Palani Mountains, is a popular holiday destination in India. The removal of the contamination will ensure that guests will be able to enjoy their vacation without worries, as tourism continues to develop.

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