VacuDry® mobile solutions

To meet our customer requirements we offer mobile solutions

Rent a VacuDry - mobile unit

With the new VacuDry® 1,500 and VacuDry® 12,000 series, the innovative VacuDry® technology is now available as fully mobile unit. This incredibly flexible design still offers all of the advantages that our customers have come to expect, many of which lead the market in the field of industrial waste treatment. The mobile plants consist of completely pre-assembled, containerized and skid-mounted modules that can be easily transported and put into operation. After one project is successfully completed, the mobile VacuDry® unit can be moved easily to the next project in less than four weeks.

Greatest Benefits

  • Cost effective – on-site treatment
  • Short mobilization time – less than 4 weeks
  • Highly flexible – equipment can be used for a variety of different projects and waste streams
  • Worldwide availability
Key Facts

Typical input material:

Drill cuttings, mercury waste, NORM waste, contaminated soil

Plant capacities:

0.1 – 2.0 t/h

Feeding system:

Depending on input material; feeding hopper, solid pump, belt conveyor

Heating system:

Indirect heated thermal oil system (temperatures up to 400 °C)

Mobilization time:

Less than 4 weeks

The mobile units are specially designed for on-site remediation projects in the oil and gas industry. Typical applications include treatment of on-site drill cuttings, mercury waste/soil treatment and NORM waste treatment.

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For elemental Mercury we offer the mobile Mercury Conversion Unit:

Greatest benefits

  • Our mobile units transform toxic mercury into non-toxic red mercury sulphide (HgS – cinnabar), ready for safe landfilling or subsurface disposal
  • Fully controlled and contained process – Safe and emission free
  • Full control and full transparency over the entire waste handling process; on-site treatment together with the client
  • Expensive and long-lasting hazardous waste notification and transportation procedures are eliminated, along with their associated expenses
  • Recognised and proven process design – Pilot testing of procedures is available to aid the environmental approval process
Key Facts

Typical throughput capacity:

Up to 5 tons per day

Input material:

Elemental mercury and sulphur


Chlor-alkali industry
Oil and Gas industry
Site remediation and waste recycling / treatment

Plant design:

Mobile plant, placed in a 40 ft. container

Scope of supply & services:

Turn-key machinery, HSE application consultancy, transport, process supervision, consultancy on final disposal of stabilised mercury

With our mobile systems, econ industries offers a solution unlike anything else available worldwide: Mobile mercury stabilisation units placed in 40 ft containers. In terms of flexibility, safety and eco-friendliness of the mercury waste disposal process, our solution is unrivalled. Mobile units are the ideal solution for companies that want to take more control and ensure their mercury waste is no longer traded or disposed in a vague or questionable manner. Read more here