PyroPlas® Plasma Arc Destruction

Our pyrolysis solution for the destruction of PFAS, POP, ODS and more

PyroPlas® is a Plasma Arc Destruction process that destroys any organic compounds introduced to it via pyrolysis. The high-energy plasma torch produces plasma consisting of atoms, ions and electrons with temperatures far in excess of those attained by high temperature incineration. The core of the plasma can reach temperatures of well over 10,000°C. The intense, flameless condition degrades all complex molecules into their elemental forms. The atoms are then neutralised to allow them to reform into harmless process by-products, typically in the form of brine effluent.  

Benefits of PyroPlas®

  • Higher temperatures with rapid quench
  • Excellent heat transfer systems allowing lower system thermal inertia
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact Process
  • Extremely safe operation
  • Complete destruction of wastes with high DRE (99.9999%)
  • Instantaneous shutdown – the entire process is fully computer controlled and monitored. If required, shut-down can be initiated within milli-seconds
  • Emissions to the atmosphere are substantially lower than existing and proposed international standards
  • Low capital cost comparable to other technologies
  • Servicing is simple, clean and inexpensive
  • Plant utilisation above 90% is common
  • The PyroPlas® can be shut down and back up and running in less than half an hour
  • The formation of undesirable organic molecules such as dioxins and furans are avoided
  • Negligible risk of emission during process interruptions.

PyroPlas® working principles


PyroPlas® incorporates an ‘in flight’ injection technique where wastes are injected directly into the plasma stream. This unique feature allows PyroPlas® to demonstrate high destruction removal efficiencies (DRE) often greater than 99.999%.

The compact standalone design of PyroPlas® allows for flexibility in siting and opportunities to deliver both onsite and centralised operation. Carefully designed to destroy concentrated hazardous wastes, PyroPlas® incorporates a rapid quench system that negates the formation of undesirable destruction by-products like dioxins and furans.